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Panzers is a simple little multiplayer 3D game where the player controls a WW2 tank. The player controls the tank in a fully 3D environment trying to blast other players. Several different vehicles will be selectable, but currently there are two different panzers at your disposal.

So far these following features have been implemented:

At present Panzers is more a technology demo than something you'd want to spend too much time playing. Better playability will be added sooner or later. Help is appreciated, of course.

Screenshots and pics

Of course there is some eye candy to be looked at.


Panzers can currently be downloaded as a source package, Debian package and from CVS:

Panzers depends on SDL and OpenSceneGraph.

Sourceforge project page

Panzers has a project page on SourceForge which contains the download page, statistics and other nice stuff. Logo